manufacturers and products

We represent the following textile machinery manufacturers and products for new machines :

  • Alliance (F)
    HT-beam dyeing machines, HT-rope dyeing machines, overflows, jets, air dyeing machines
  • Alliance also offers the modification of existing classical HT Beamdyeing machines . Machines will get the new rotation system of the beam,  which helps to reduce the bath to a ratio of 1:3  so that savings of energy , water and chemicals will lead to an amortisation of the modification costs will only take one year.
  • Alliance also offers spare parts for Durand , Béné , ICS and ICBT machines .
  • Holthausen / Hergert (D)
    full range of finishing,machines for the production, of cotton velours, upholsteryfabrics + artificial furs, raising + shearing machines, cloth scray, winders, construction of special mc, embossing machines, accumulators, polrotors, design brushing machines, polrotor shearing machines
  • mechanical , electrical + electronical modernisation and extension of textile mcs and lines – for Küsters , Goller , Stork, val Henriksen, Sucker Müller, Menschner, Kettling and Braun, Drabert, M-Tec, Holthausen , Heinz Hergert, Then, Thies , Bene , Durand and many more brands.
  • cloth inspection machine, packing machines
  • open-width bleaching mc, open-width washing mc, vacuum systems, electronic jiggers
  • Raising mcs, shearing mcs for flat woven articles , modern finishing concepts, sample raising and shearing mcs for fabric width of 500 mm for testing and samples
  • coating machines
  • finishing machines to obtain a, better touch of the fabrics and shrinkage results after washing
  • transfer calanders, laminating, calanders and bonding mcs
  • finishing machines to obtain special finishing effects of different producers e. g. crushing mcs, continuous tumblers, sanding machines for woven and knitted fabrics