LC – Long Crush Machine

LC – Long Crush Machine

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LC – Long Crush Machine
LC – Crushmaschine zur Erzielung von Crush in Kettenrichtung


some effects realised on our machine

some effects realised on our machine
In compressed condition the material is plastically deformed by steam injection and heating. Both the temperature and the amount of steam are adjustable, depending on the material and the desired result. With the steam heated execution we can reach appr.175°C, with the electrical heating we can easily reach 220-230 °C, this is sometimes better – for a better fixation and also higher production speed. Also the electrically heated machine is independent of other power supplies. Most of the fabrics run at 165°C to receive a good fixation. Test will be run with new qualities to find the right parameters. Some colours are sensitive to high temperature. Check dyeing recipes in order to use dyes solid to contact heat. If you produce different colours start with the light colours. Crushing Process

Crushing process has to be performed according to the material and the density of the effect required. With our machine the fabric receives a very regular and intensive crush effect. The fabric is almost dry and cold, leaving the tube. This is a big advantage for the final finishing of the fabric. Due to the twister, our effect is not only straight but also varies in long direction, so that rolling processes of this fabric do not cause any problems .The flat woven articles are normally sent to a transfer calander, to fix the crush. On the transfer calander the finishing will be fixed in the way the customer desires.Therefore the inlet frame of the transfer calander must have two additional options:

1. One opening device by driven rollers together with a width control so that the fabric will be stretched to the final width.
2. One overfeed system that allows to feed more fabric.

With these two options the fabric can be finished with more or less visible crush effects. If the customer needs less effect the fabric will be stretched more in weft direction with device No1. No 2 will give more tension to the fabric in warp direction.

Technical Specifications

L x W x H 5500 x 1000 x 2500 mm , (base frame, without infeed) Weight:
approx. 950 kg Connections:
Pneumatic: 6 bar, connection G 1/2“
Steam pipe: 8 bar, connection G 1/2“, +/- 100 kg /h if the machine is steam heated
Direct steam: aprox. 4 bar and 10 kg / h
Electricity: 7 kW; 220/380V, 3 phases, 50 Hz if the machine is steam heated and
25 kW, 220 /380V, 3 phases, 50 Hz if machine has electrical heating
Condensate: approx. 50 l /h if the machine is steam heated Speed:
up to 600–800 m /h, depending on material thickness , composition and weight of the fabric Materials:
should contain up 65 % synthetic fibres Exhaust:
Depending on material type and coating
Capacity: 400 m3/h
Air speed: 40 m/sec
Connection: diameter 90 mm

Material data of components under pressure: Material in accordance with DIN; tube: Stainless steel

The following link shows the broshure of the Long Crusher: