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Welcome at Classen-tm.com!

During the last 20 years we have sold Textile machines, world wide, new and second hand machines and also complete production units. Recently we have sold for example all the machines of the ADO -DTF Deutsche Textil Fabrik – yarn preparation,weaving,dyeing, printing, finishing and embroidery, as well as fabrics and yarns plus the infrastructure like Boilers, air compressores and work Shops and we have also sold the complete  Girmes Pile Fabric Production machines-   including weaving preparation, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing machines , yarns and fabrics.

  • We want to thank all our customers from the different continents for the convidence in our machines and services. For almost all the machines we organised the dismantling and loading on trucks or in containers, we arranged also the shipment, if the customer asked for this service.

For the moment we have some Special offers of complete production units:

  • High pile fabric finishing line- artificiel fürs or blankets- line in running condition, ww 2300mm, with brushing shearing polishing machines and levelling stenter
  • Brückner stenter, 4 compartments, ww 2200 mm, gas – for knitted fabrics
  • one complete unit to produce interlining articles and other light fabrics in viscose, Polyester, Acetat and mixtures. We have available weaving looms, dyeing and finishing machines, inspection and packing machines- a complete production line, including, air compressors, steam Boilers, Laboratory Equipment. Machines are in running condition, fully installed For further details please contact Dipl.-Ing. Albert Classen, the cell phone number is 0049 171 63 26 416.
  • List of the installed machines in this interling Company:
  • www.classen-tm.com/offers/interlining.pdf
  • photos of the differnt machines installed in the interlining production unit www.dropbox.com/sh/lqy4fgfqvg61p9p/AADtFhM6phnVS2DF8e0IIb-Aa?dl=0
  • one list of forklifts we offer from this interlining Company:
  • www.classen-tm.com/offers/forklifts.pdf
  • ine list of Laboratory Equipment :www.classen-tm.com/offers/laboratory.pdf
  • one list of air compressors : www.classen-tm.com/offers/compressors.pdf
  • one list of tool macines from the Workshop:
  • www.classen-tm.com/offers/workshop.pdf
  • one complete production line to produce carpets: two Schönherr double face carpet looms with Stäubli Jacquards, working width 4000 mm, one complete finishing and back coating line, cutting and sewing lines, rolling and packing line, steam Boilers and air compressors, chemical kitchen. Machines are in running condition, fully installed, ready for dismantling and loading. For further details please contact Dipl.-Ing. Abert Classen , the cell phone number is 0049 171 63 26 416.
  • List of machines installed in the carpet factory: www.classen-tm.com/offers/carpet.pdf
  • www.dropbox.com/sh/mhlfsc09wyfeuu7/AABCqnka48U4SxVv5B-kI5fBa?dl=0
  • We also offer 3 Güsken GMV 90 double face looms with dobby right now, machines are in running conditions, fully installed and weaving upholstery Velours.
  • photos of the Güsken dobby loomswww.classen-tm.com/offers/GMV90D.pdf
  • we can offer, subject to Prior sale, one embossing calander, brand Heinz Hergert, ww 1600 mm together with 6-8 engraved rollers

If you intent to invest in a complete textile factory or in a new section of textile production, please feel free to contact us.

If you intend to sell your textile plant or machines, we are also prepared to assist you in finding buyers for your machinery

We regularily offer velvet related machines  from different sources

Especially velvet and carpet machines are interesting for us and our customers. Van de Wiele , Güsken , Günne , Schönherr machines.

 CLASSEN-TM International  company is dealing with used textile machinery , worldwide, primarily for the textile-producing industry. We have contacts with virtually all European textile manufacturers and machinery manufacturers, as well as other machinery dealers and associations. Van de Wiele double face velvet looms are especially interesting for us .  We produced velvets for more than 15 years- velvets for decoration , upholstery , apparel , artificial furs and technical articles in our family´s company V. Gierlings GmbH & Co. KG which was founded in 1808 and was located in Viersen-Dülken, the City where also Güsken mcs were built – and near Krefeld, one of the former very busy textile area for machinery and textile production.

Sinne more than 30 years we enjoy global success in purchasing and selling new and second hand textile machines for the velvet production ,  for spinning , weaving , dyeing , printing & finishing.

Physical proximity to textile machinery construction centres Mönchengladbach, Krefeld and Aachen enables us to react swiftly and procure information.

In addition to the purchase and sale of the required machines, we are able to arrange the transfer of know-how and the deployment of personnel. Our service also extends to organizing the dismantling and re-assembly of machines and the transportation of machinery and plant.

Furthermore, we are in a position to procure spare parts and wearing components quickly and on favourable terms. Check out our service offer; the summary provided should help.

We will also try to meet any special requirements you have in the minimum of time.

this link shows the activities of   CLASSEN-TMwww.classen-tm.com/pdfgirmes/Classen.pdf